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BG London Car TransporterDelivering vehicles from UK to Bulgaria with a car transporter is one of our main businesses.

2 - 3 times each month, and sometimes even more often, we have a car transporter departing from UK to Bulgaria.

We are the leaders in the UK to Bulgaria vehicle shipping and transportation of cars, vans, tracks, scooters, motorcycles, trailers, boats, tractors, heavy equipment and other wheeled machinery.

We also maintain the best price for the transport of cars from UK to Bulgaria, and from Bulgaria to UK.

Our shipping rates are comparable to those only normally available to large shipping and exporting companies. Please fill in the quick quote request form to start taking advantage of our excellent rates.

Reasons to choose BGLondon.com for the transport of your vehicles from the UK to Bulgaria:

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Оглед и закупуване на коли в АнглияIf you like and want to buy a vehicle or other goods offered at a fixed price online from UK or Bulgarian sites for ads, you need to negotiate with the seller.

The sites with ads for cars in UK are different from the sites for cars in Bulgaria. They are essentially similar, but the main difference is that at least the reputable car sites in UK in addition to offering free car ads, they also give advice on how to buy them without any problems, they even tease you, through videos and articles, exactly what to watch out for, how to get the required legal documentation, and what to look out for when buying. or selling cars. Many of our clients contact us, asking, "Are there any scams and fraudsters in UK? Is this or that ad real?" Our answer is rhetorical: "UK is far ahead of most other countries in every respect, do you think it is possible that it has lagged behind in terms of fraud?". So many locals, Africans, Eastern Europeans and all sorts of people live in UK and think of newer fraudulent schemes.

Breakdown Vehicle Recovery, Delivery and Logistics Services in London, UK and EuropeWe provide our custumers with accurate car transport from UK to Bulgaria and a professional vehicle breakdown and recovery service in UK or Bulgaria, transporting all types of cars, 4x4's, bikes, vans, classic cars and light commercial vehicles.

We could collect from any area in the UK or Bulgaria and deliver to anywhere within M25 London and the surroundings or , as well as collect from these areas and deliver out.

For car transport from UK, EU or Bulgaria, please have a look at our: Car Shipping and Vehicle Transport Service.

Our breakdown recovery service is charged at the follow rates:

UK - Depending on the vehicle, the minimum is £1.5 GBP per mile from our address post code RH13 8AZ, but we only charge for one way journey, for example, if it's a car located 100 miles away from RH13 8AZ = 100 x £1.5 GBP = £150 GBP. The minimum charge is 100 pounds.