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BG London Car TransporterDelivering vehicles from UK to Bulgaria with a car transporter is one of our main businesses.

2 - 3 times each month, and sometimes even more often, we have a car transporter departing from UK to Bulgaria.

We are the leaders in the UK to Bulgaria vehicle shipping and transportation of cars, vans, tracks, scooters, motorcycles, trailers, boats, tractors, heavy equipment and other wheeled machinery.

We also maintain the best price for the transport of cars from UK to Bulgaria, and from Bulgaria to UK.

Our shipping rates are comparable to those only normally available to large shipping and exporting companies. Please fill in the quick quote request form to start taking advantage of our excellent rates.

Reasons to choose BGLondon.com for the transport of your vehicles from the UK to Bulgaria:

  • Contract for the service, which shall be concluded after we confirm the receipt of a completed from you Order Form;
  • Invoices for the services rendered;
  • Arrangements and correspondence with consignors and consignees;
  • Collecting of vehicles from a specified address;
  • Delivering of vehicles to a specified address;
  • International insurance; *
  • Information about the current whereabouts of your vehicles;
  • Free quotes via our user friendly online forms;
  • Affordable prices and quality on all auto transport from UK to Bulgaria;
  • Honesty, experience, clarity and certainty.

How much does it cost to transport a car from UK to Bulgaria?

The distance between UK and Bulgaria is ~3000 km. Shipping a car from UK to Bulgaria with a car transporter is far more efficient and cheaper than driving the car. Less wear-and-tear, no cheap motels, cheap food, and of course no missed work days. Let's not forget that if you do not know the condition of the vehicle you are driving you are very likely to get unexpected troubles during the journey, which cost quite expensive to sort out.

Car transport from UK to Bulgaria

Collecting the vehicles from outside London

The distance from our address to the location of the cars is an important factor and is charged additionally as follows:

Depending on the vehicle the minimum is £1.5 GBP per mile, but paying only one direction, for instance, if a car is 100 miles away from our address = 100 x £1.5 GBP = £150 GBP. This price does not include storage. The storage of vehicles is charged additionally at £5 per day for a normal car or SUV.

Transport from UK to Bulgaria

Rates for collecting the vehicles from outside London

Always check how many miles away from London are the places from which you buy the vehicles.

The collection of more than 2 cars is made with our big aggregated lorry car transporter for 8 - 9 cars.

If 2 or more cars are in the same location the collection for all of them shall be charged 2.7 GBP per mile only one direction.

Car transport from London to Bulgaria

Transporting the vehicles from London to Bulgaria

The price for transporting vehicles from a given from us address in London (UK) to Sofia or Plovdiv (Bulgaria) is from £570 GBP depending on the type, the number of the vehicles and the addresses from which in UK and to which in Bulgaria they have to be collected / delivered.

The collection of vehicles from an address in London, and the surroundings, is charged additionally and the minimum fee is £100 GBP.

To get a free individual quote for the transport of a vehicle from an address in the UK to an address in Bulgaria simply fill in the form below. Your international car shipping quotation will come direct from our main office. We will provide you with our shipping quotation, an email will be sent to you explaining prices and services that will be available to you. We offer our auto transport services from all UK cities and can arrange vehicle collections throughout the UK.

1Delivery Quote Request Form

To ensure a space is reserved for you on a car transporter you will be required to pay us a minimum deposit of £50 per vehicle. The deposit required will be deducted from the total balance due at delivery. The remaining balance should be paid in the form of cash to the driver upon receiving your vehicle or if you'd like you could pay it in advance by any of our other payment methods. Please note that in some cases you may be asked for an additional deposit.

After you have received our quote and / or you have paid us the required deposit, please complete our:

2Delivery Order Form

Upon successful receipt of your Delivery Order Form we will send you back a confirmation to the provided E-mail address.

We have a vast range of experience in shipping all types of moving cargo including cars, motor-homes, trucks, motorbikes, plant, machinery, tractors and trailers. From shipping classic or vintage cars, or just the family saloon.

Note: If you are located at inaccessible for a truck places or central areas, please have in mind thаt we reserve the right to deliver or pick up from nearby suitable place, for example a petrol station or a truck parking. In normal circumstances we will contact you 12 - 24 hours before the car transporter is in place. Sometimes you may need to move / drive the car to the truck.

BGLondon does NOT deliver and is NOT responsible for any missing from the cars luggage, products, merchandise, personal items, accessories, as: chargers, USB sticks, cables, memory cards and similar...

BgLondon.com can arrange Auto Shipping from these towns in UK: Luton, Cambridge, Hockley, Preston, Walker, Lincoln, Trafford Park, Blackburn, Halifax, Longbridge, Birmingham, Southampton, Bradford, Leicester, Basildon, Newhaven, Edinburgh, Norwich, Manchester, Coventry, Kings Norton, Canterbury, Kennington, St. Helens, Northampton, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Ipswich, Sheffield, London, Bedford, Whiteinch, Glasgow, Peterborough, Colchester, Huddersfield, Huyton-with-Roby, Chapeltown, Birmingham, Derby, Oxford, Leeds, Barking/London, Nottingham, Maidstone, Torquay, Laisterdyke, Manchester Ship Canal, Salford, Belfast, Milton Keynes, Gowerton, Stoneywood, Bristol....BGLondon car transporter

* Each delivery is insured under the annual policy of CMR insurance. CMR insurance is the insurance of the carrier's responsibility for complete or partial loss of goods or their damage during transportation performed pursuant to the Convention on the Contract for the International Carriage of Goods by road - CMR (hereinafter the “Convention”). In addition, if a specific requirement of the customers is done, on their behalf can be made "Cargo" insurance. The object of this insurance are loads during transport. Insurance coverage is determined by the specifics of the load, type of service, destinations and other;