If you like and want to buy a vehicle or other goods offered at a fixed price online from UK or Bulgarian sites for ads, you need to negotiate with the seller.

The sites with ads for cars in UK are different from the sites for cars in Bulgaria. They are essentially similar, but the main difference is that at least the reputable car sites in UK in addition to offering free car ads, they also give advice on how to buy them without any problems, they even tease you, through videos and articles, exactly what to watch out for, how to get the required legal documentation, and what to look out for when buying. or selling cars. Many of our clients contact us, asking, "Are there any scams and fraudsters in UK? Is this or that ad real?" Our answer is rhetorical: "UK is far ahead of most other countries in every respect, do you think it is possible that it has lagged behind in terms of fraud?". So many locals, Africans, Eastern Europeans and all sorts of people live in UK and think of newer fraudulent schemes.

You can count on BGLondon to protect you from fraudulent ads in UK or Bulgaria and from online fraudsters.

Same, as the ones sold with ads, the offered at online auctions vehicles can also be inspected at an agreed time and day, before the end of the auction, so you would have a big advantage over other bidders, as you will know in advance whether the description corresponds to the actual condition. It often happens that we see a good description and beautiful photos, but still there are doubts left about the condition and the value of the item sold.

By using our View and Buy Service, you will be sure that the items to be inspected will not be purchased at any price, and you will get a real idea of their value without the need for your presence. You save time, trouble and money.

Our View and Buy Service includes:

  1. Free check of the actuality of ads;

  2. Service contract, considered concluded upon receipt of an online form completed by you. At the client's request, at his expense, a notarized contract for order, purchase and delivery can be additionally made;

  3. Invoice for the performed service;View and buy service

  4. Correspondence and arrangements with the sellers and / or recipients;

  5. Going to the desired object to be inspected;

  6. Comparison of description and photos with real condition;

  7. 5 - 10 minute test drive of inspected vehicles; *

  8. Telephone call from the employee who will perform the inspection, at the same time when the inspection itself is performed; competent opinion, discussion of your requirements and acceptance of your latest instructions;

  9. Payment for inspected items in UK or Bulgaria on your behalf and at your expense; **

  10. Moving of inspected and possibly purchased vehicles / goods, from place of purchase to place of storage / loading;

  11. Insurance for the movement and / or transport, from the place of purchase;

  12. Assistance for technical inspections in UK or Bulgaria, such as: MOT, Road Tax, if necessary; ***

  13. Arranging documentary formalities relating to ownership; ****

  14. Competitive storage for the vehicles purchased with this service until the arrival of the truck which will transport them. The storage of the vehicles is charged additionally and costs 5 GBP per day per vehicle;

The price for the View and Buy Service of cars or other items from UK or Bulgaria is determined depending on the location of the cars or the items to be inspected, and at the following rate:

UK - £2.5 GBP per mile, paying only one way from our address in London or from post code RH13 8AZ to the location of the item.

For example, if the car to be inspected is 100 miles from our post code RH13 8AZ is equal to 100 miles x £2.5 = £250.

View and Buy Service in or around London are arranged by agreement, with a minimum fee of £200.

Bulgaria - £1 GBP per kilometer, paying only one way from our address in Plovdiv or Sofia to the location of the item.

For example, if it is the car located 100 kilometers away from either Plovdiv or Sofia is equal to 100 kilometers x £1 = £100.

View and Buy Service in or around Plovdiv or Sofia are arranged by agreement, with a minimum fee of £80.

To receive a non-obligation individual quote, and to find out in advance how much the View and Purchase service will cost you, please fill in and send us:

1View and Buy Service Quote Request Form

Upon receipt of your quote request form, if you have provided a link to an ad or contact details of the seller, we will try to contact him/her to check if the ad is up to date. With our quote we will send you, and / or by phone call, we will inform you if the desired item is still available and for sale.

The payment of the fee for the View and Buy Service is made in advance before we start the execution of the service.

Also, if you want the viewed items to be paid for by the employee who will carry out the viewing, we must have received their value in advance. You will be provided with a bank account in which we will have to receive the money for the value of the inspected items before we can pay them on your behalf.

To order the View and Buy Service it is not necessary to pay the value of the inspected items, but only the fee.

See our Payment Methods.

Once you receive our qoute and you want us to proceed with the service, and after you have paid the fee, you need to fill out and send us:

2View and Buy Service Order Form

Within 1 working day, at the e-mail address entered by you in the form, you must receive a confirmation for the service order, and that it will proceed to its execution. If you do not receive a confirmation within 1 working day, please contact us .

If, for whatever reasons, the service cannot be started, and / or is cancelled before the start of its execution, within 3 working days you will be fully refunded the amount + the fee paid for the item itself, but minus £20 for administrative costs. In order to be able to refund you, you must provide us with your bank account.

We will try our best to inspect the item within 24 - 48 hours from the acceptance of the order form, unless due to reasons beyond BGLONDON this cannot be met.

BGLondon.com inspects and buys cars in UK or Bulgaria, and in the following UK cities: Luton, Cambridge, Hockley, Preston, Walker, Lincoln, Trafford Park, Blackburn, Halifax, Longbridge, Birmingham, Southampton, Bradford, Leicester, Basildon, Newhaven, Edinburgh, Norwich, Manchester, Coventry, Kings Norton, Canterbury, Kennington, St. Helens, Northampton, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Ipswich, Sheffield, London, Bedford, Whiteinch, Glasgow, Peterborough, Colchester, Huddersfield, Huyton-with-Roby, Chapeltown, Birmingham, Derby, Oxford, Leeds, Barking / London, Nottingham, Maidstone, Torquay, Laisterdyke, Manchester Ship Canal, Salford, Belfast, Milton Keynes, Gowerton, Stoneywood, Bristol...

And also from this Bulgarian cities: Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas, Ruse, Stara Zagora, Pleven, Sliven, Dobrich, Shumen, Pernik, Haskovo, Vratsa, Kyustendil, Montana, Lovech, Razgrad, Borino, Madan, Zlatograd, Pazardzhik, Smolyan, Blagoevgrad, Nedelino, Rudozem, Devin, Veliko Tarnovo, Vidin, Kirkovo, Krumovgrad, Dzhebel, Silistra, Sarnitsa, Shiroka Laka, Yambol, Dospat, Kardzhali, Gabrovo, Targovishte...

* The test drive and movement offered with this service are for cars that are able to be moved and tested on their own and have the needed documents. If alternative movement is required, additional costs may apply.

** If you want the inspected items to be paid for by the inspector, we must have received their value at least 24 hours before the inspection. If the inspected items are not approved by you for payment, the amount received in advance for their value will be refunded in full.

*** Expenses incurred for technical inspections, e.g. MOT, Road Tax, are paid extra.

**** Vehicle ownership documents in UK (logbooks) do not have to be reissued in the name of the new buyers when the purchased vehicle is for export. This means that the logbook we will receive for the vehicle, if any, will be with the names of the person who was the last registered owner. If a ownership document is not available, we will assist you in reissuing one in your name, whenever possible.

What Our Customers Say

  • "For the second time I buy and deliver a car with the help of BGLondon. Everything goes smoothly and without problems! :-)"
  • "Thank you for your strict duties. I was pleasantly surprised. It is very easy to work with you. I had nightmarish experiences with some of your colleagues and lost the deposit I had paid them. Weeks after the deadline promised by them, they had not yet appeared and in the end they stopped answering completely.I would not trust anyone else from now on and I hope to take advantage of your services again soon. Regards, Tony "
  • "Hello, I received the documents sent by you, I will register the car next week, now I am repairing it :) I want to tell you that I am very pleased with you and your company, you are very correct and executive, and it was a great pleasure to work with you! Sincerely, Emil Dimitrov "
  • "Hello! I just wanted you to know that the compressor arrived without any problems and I am very pleased with your services. The drivers are friendly and well-meaning, they gave me enough notice so that I could prepare and meet them on time. I will definitely recommend your services. Thanks again for all your help. Sincerely, H. Mikhov "
  • "I am very glad that my jeep arrived a few days earlier than expected. I have used your services before and you are always so correct and responsive. I recommend you to all my relatives and friends and I wish you success. Thank you, S. Mustan. "

Hot Car Transport Tips

Be sure to know what personal items are left in the vehicles; this is for safety reasons. Our company and carrier shall be totally unaccountable for any items left in the vehicle.

The owner or the person selected by the owner must be available to sign the proper paperwork and provide the keys of the vehicles.

Check your vehicle over and note any damage, the driver will also check it.

bglondon help

If you are in a small subdivision or in the city we reserve the right to collect or deliver as close as possible. Normally we will call you within 12-24 hours to schedule the collection / transfer / delivery. However, there may be times when you must get to the carrier, close by i.e... lorry parking lot or petrol station for delivery or pickup.

Your vehicle must be operable. If it is not, additional fees and loading-unloading methods may apply.

You must advise us of any modifications made to your vehicle such as 4×4 lift kit, camper, vehicle lowered, etc...

Your vehicle must have a minimum of 10см ground clearance to safely load and unload it.

When transporting with a car transporter the height of the vehicles being transported is more important than the length.

We must have a working phone number on which you may be reached throughout the duration of your vehicle or cargo relocation.

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BGLondon.com is the reliable vehicle mover for countless buyers and sellers throughout Europe, UK and Bulgaria. Here we can find advice about acquiring, exporting, car transport and other useful information.

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